Int'l Students

International students prefer to study in Canada for its robust education system, inclusivity, safety, cultural diversity, opportunities for employment, and cost advantage. In 2014, Canada ranks world’s 7th most popular destination for international education.

International students come from all over the world, 194 different countries.  Almost 60% of total international student enrolment in Canada come from China, India, Korea, Saudi Arabia and France.  Ninety percent of these students are either very satisfied (29%) or satisfied (61%) with their experience in Canada. (Source: Canadian Bureau of International Education,

We, @LynxTS, facilitate acceptance to Canadian High Schools and Post Secondary Institutions and provides educational tours through our International Student Services and local industry partners. 

To enrich students’ Canadian experience, we provide field trips, camps, sports, physical activities, cultural ESL courses, and we coordinate accommodation through our Homestay Program.

Our International Student services include:

  • International Education Assistance
  • Study Tours and Camps
  • Homestay Program 

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