About us

Established in 2014 by a group of educators with an entrepreneurial spirit, Lynx Testing Services provides professional test administration to the Canadian and North American market.  Our key areas of service include:
  1. Paper Based Test Administration (PBT)
  2. Computer Based Test Administration (CBT)
  3. Internet Based Test Administration (IBT)
With our relationships with many academic institutions throughout North America, Lynx Testing Services caters to your organization's specific needs with site location, facilities, room size and personnel to invigilate on the test administration day or week.  Lynx is committed to three mission-critical areas:  A) Pre-test administration, B) During test administration and C) Post-test administration.  These areas are crucial for a successful alpha and omega to all exam delivery. 

Lynx also provides site visits/inspections on behalf of our partners.  This service will help our partners objectively understand if their requirements are being followed and implemented by site across North America.   

Director of Test Administration

Kevin Naidoo is a co-founder and principal consultant of Lynx Testing Services, Inc.  He currently holds the Director of Test Administration position for Canada and U.S.A.  He also organizes specific testing training of staff and consulting services to many testing boards and organizations.

A graduate of Western University (B.A. Hons.), York University (B.Ed.), and the University of Windsor (M.A.), Kevin spent 8 years at a private school; 5 years serving as Principal and 2 years serving as the Testing Centre Director.  He has over 10 years of test administration experience and has worked and assisted as Test Supervisor for many testing organizations.  When asked what makes a successful test administration, Kevin commented, “A successful test administration fosters accountability and security of test materials, detailed documentation and a suitable testing environment.”


Director of Operations

Lynx Testing Services’ co-founder and Director of Operations, Jesse Panem is an Industrial Engineer and a Master of Business Administration.   Jesse was an Assistant Dean and Professor at the College of Business in De La Salle - Araneta and Instructor of  Business and Computer Studies in De La Salle University, St. Paul University and St. Scholastica's College. He was the department head of Business Studies in a private inspected school and currently a teacher in a catholic school in Toronto, Ontario.

His experiences in test administration and supervision started in 2010 from a testing centre operated under the leadership of Mr. Kevin Naidoo. Jesse is committed to the values of Lynx Testing Services and considers Trust, Integrity, and Excellence as key success factors to all the stakeholders involved in test administration.