Our Services


Test Administration requires a lot of planning and organizing to have a successful test administration day.  At Lynx, we provide our professional expertise to assist with before, during and post test administration.  Factors that we take into consideration for a successful exam are: Inspection of Designated Testing Sites; Staff Selection and Development; Monitoring Permissible and Prohibited Items during test administration.



Through our experiences, Lynx Testing Services has developed a staffing process to ensure a successful test administration.  Depending on the number of registered test taker per test, we select our qualified and trained staff to take the responsibilities and duties of Test Supervisor, Room Supervisor and Proctor. 

The Test Supervisor is chiefly responsible for the maintenance and security of test materials before, during and after the test.


Site Assessment

Site assessments are done for all our designated sites where testing is conducted.  We ensure that each site is equip with the proper tools and equipment, accessible to test takers and provides a safe environment for testing.  We also take into consideration capacity of space and if building can provide the temperature needs conducive to the test administration day.

To our partners, we also provide our site assessment services to other centers on test administration days.  This is a great way for our partners to identify and understand if their requirements, policy and instructions are being followed to ensure fairness and standardization to all test takers.